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Case Study: TON POP Solution
A digital ecosystem that streamlines the proof-of-posting and asset management of outdoor advertising assets by providing a guided mobile experience for technicians and associated web-based portal for management.
Interaction Design, UI/UX
Case Study: ABC Co-Creation Platform
An exploration of how the Australian Broadcasting Corporation can take a more active role in empowering citizens to be more informed, engaged and involved with the content they consume and its production.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Web Design
Stolen Breaths App
A prototype of a companion app for a stress relief wearable device called the Stole by Stressless. It connects to the device via Bluetooth and allows the user to monitor their stress levels and perform guided breathing exercises in order to relax.
Interaction Design, UI/UX, Information Architecture
Stole Stress Relief Wearable
The device detects stress by calculating Heart Rate Variability (HRV) via a pulse sensor and delivers vibrations to the wearer, which serve both as notifications to use the companion app for stress relief, as well as soothing the wearer in the meantime.
Illustration, Industrial Design, UI/UX
Pulse Oximetry Wearables
Research presentation on the current state of pulse oximetry deices for children
Graphic Design, Illustration, UI/UX
Home Entertainment Tech 2020
Research and prototyping based on a brief from DT Digital: "What impact will technology have on home entertainment five years from now?"
Motion Graphics, UI/UX, Storyboarding
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