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The son of an entrepreneurial, Greek immigrant, Michael Tsimnadis was born in Sydney, Australia. Though they would rarely see eye-to-eye on any issue later in life, Michael's creative outlets were strongly influenced by his father's endeavours. Daddy owned a fish & chips shop, Michael learned to cook. Daddy played music, Michael wrote songs. Daddy got into construction, Michael started drawing architectural plans.

Michael Tsimnadis writes copy, design user experience and offers consultancy on digital and social media

By the time he was 15, Michael could have been a well-paid professional in any of these fields, but he also had an innate ability to be an exceptional student with minimal effort. His father encouraged him to get an education and be the first in his family to go to university. Michael studied psychology and took an interest in philosophy, ending up with a double major in these disciplines by the time he graduated from the University of Sydney.
He took his sweet time about it though, taking breaks all through the mid-to-late 90's to travel and get up to mischief with women, partying, cards and pool. And he wrote songs about it all.
His first serious job was as a contracted kitchen designer at the age of 23. By this stage, he had worked in various kitchens and possessed a strong understanding of the principles that constituted a functional and pleasant layout in which to cook, be it in a commercial or domestic setting.
The kitchen design business he set up, saw him increasingly working with design software rather than hand-drawing and before long he found himself  working with 3D modelling as well as graphics.
At the age of 26, Michael embarked on an adventure he had always planned to undertake, he left Sydney for Greece. He completed his military service and worked teaching Greek as a foreign language to English speakers, writing copy for government departments and writing and editing film scripts in English for local filmmakers.
At 30, his film connections found him on an extended stay in Los Angeles, where he unexpectedly landed a job as a copywriter for a PR agency. He continued to telecommute to this job long after he had once again returned to Sydney.
In 2008, Michael put his newly-found PR and Event Promotion skills towards his own ends, converting a 450m2 office space into an events venue and art gallery. The opening attracted over 400 visitors and moved $17,000 worth of work from unknown artists from the National Arts School and others.

The Sultan's Salon in the Stoic Gallery designed by Michael Tsimnadis

In 2011, he took over coordination of the Marrickville Chamber of Commerce, mounting four annual community events under the Urban Centres Program as well as advising businesses on how to build an online presence.
Michael studied User Experience Design at General Assembly in 2014 in order to formalise the digital and social media skills he was already practising with small businesses and in 2015 he took on a Master's in Interaction Design & Electronic Arts.
In 2016, he was one of only two master's students awarded a highly sought after research internship with Telstra, where he was tasked with designing a mobile application to aid in the proof-of-posting process for Telstra's network of outdoor advertising.
Later that year, he went on to teach a 10-week course on User Experience Design at General Assembly and returned to Sydney University this time as the UX Lead for the Tech Lab.
Michael is available for freelance or contract work and is always looking to explore new and interesting ways to delight users of digital and real world products and services.
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